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Assisting in Worship at St Paul's Lutheran in La Crosse, WI


St Paul's Lutheran Church, ELCA ~ Stewardship

The Bible proclaims that we are the body of Christ. All Believers have been given gifts to be used in the service of the body of Christ. Each person uses her or his gifts to create not an illusion of life, but to bring life to the body of Christ on earth – the church – in service to the gospel. Our gifts are not used individually, but within the whole body of believers the gifts are brought together to become one. Not one gift of the Spirit can stand alone as the body of Christ. All gifts are needed and are necessary for the church.  Here are some of the ways St. Paul's members are using their gifts in ministry.

Assisting Minister

The Assistant Minister (AM), under the direction of the Pastor, plays a very important part in the worship service. First, and possibly the most important, is preparing The Prayers. The AM is taught how to write prayers and is encouraged to do so each week. Guidance is available. Secondly, the AM assists with preparation and sharing of the Eucharist. And finally, the AM typically reads the lessons of the day, and may have other readings assigned. Overall, this is a very spiritual and fulfilling experience for the lay person who wishes to become more involved in the worship service.


Prayer is powerful.  It’s our way of maintaining intimate communications with Jesus. We pray and we encourage prayer. A Monday Prayer Group meets to pray for people who request prayers and for other needs around the world.

Sugar Creek Bible Camp

Once a month, a group of men of different ages drives to Camp. To Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Ferryville, WI, that is. They meet at Shopko South to carpool. The day is spent doing work outside for the camp and at noon the helpers eat lunch in the dining hall.


Lord knows there are hurting people in the world. Each of us must give as we have made up our minds, not reluctantly or under compulsion. God loves a cheerful giver. Give as your heart commands.

Time and Talent

God asks us to use our gifts to serve others. What we do is determined by our passions. Listen to our hearts and act joyfully. When we serve others, we receive more in return than we give. The opportunities for service are endless.


Other ways St. Paul's members are using their gifts:

  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Cantors
  • Caring for our plants and landscape
  • Chancel care 
  • Circles
  • Committee work
  • Greeters
  • Mission support
  • Mobile meals
  • Music
  • Prayer Group
  • Ushering